Do You Know What Every 
First-Time Home Renovator Needs To Know BEFORE They Start Renovating?
This one step can be THE KEY to having a beautiful, on-time, on-budget, successful renovation. And one most homeowners don't do!
They Should START with a Renovation Map!
Watch this quick video for the HELP Every First-Time Renovator Needs!

Do Any Of These Questions Sound Familiar? 

WHY is a Renovation Map so important? WHAT's included? WHERE do I start? WHO can help me?

If you're a first-time renovator, you probably have a lot of questions. And no idea where to get the answers. The confusion can be frustrating, terrifying and for some, paralyzing.

WELCOME To Your Renovation Map! You found the perfect starting place for a successful renovation!

I've got the answers to help you navigate your first renovation. Many of the answers are to questions you don't even know to ask! I get it ... it's your first renovation and you're just trying to figure out where to begin how to not get ripped off or go broke in the process!

At Your Renovation Map, my mission is to help homeowners become knowledgeable about home renovation before the sledgehammers start flying. Before you get on the expensive Contractor clock and make the COMMON and COSTLY MISTAKES most homeowners make! 

Your Renovation Map Eliminates Confusion While Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Your Renovation Map helps YOU create a personalized Project Plan including:
Project Scope, Design Changes, a Budget you can afford and adds value to your home, and everything you need to find, hire and manage Contractors.

We go deep into the Who, What, Where, When and How of a renovation. By learning the process, you begin to understand what all the pieces are and how they are put together. This understanding will put you ahead of 80% of homeowners out there!

Now, having a plan is great, but you'll also learn how to communicate what you want to get better results, along with how to manage the project through completion.

Save Yourself Time, Money & Frustration

This is hard to hear, but:
Your lack of knowledge, indecision and changes can add anywhere from 40-200% onto the cost of your renovation! Seriously! That is directly from a national survey of contractors.

But with Your Renovation Map, you'll learn how to minimize confusion, indecision and miscommunications, which ends up saving you in time, money and frustrations!

Having your Project Plan completed up front, before any demolition starts, is the best way to save time, money and frustrations! Why? Because it allows you to spend money on the changes you want to make, NOT on mistakes.

But knowing what needs to be in that plan, and how to communicate it are essential!
Plus, you'll learn money saving tips and tricks used by the most successful investors that will not only save you money, but can more than cover the cost of this course!

Designed For The Busy Professional 

You stay focused on building your plan and managing it from start to finish. 
You already have one full time job, you don't need another! 

You'll focus on finding the right people for you and your project. 
Not all Contractors are right for you, and you are not right for all Contractors. 
An expensive lesson to avoid!

I did my first renovation as a single female working 50+ hours a week and traveling 60% of every week. I know how to build a renovation plan and manage a successful renovation from half way around the world. 

I can teach you this skill too!  And it will benefit you for every renovation you do for the rest of your life. Because chances are, after your success, you'll be looking to do more!

NOT Created For Those Who 
Want To Become DIYers  

While anyone could benefit from these courses, I did not develop them for the DIYer. Here's the thing ... I am too busy to spend every spare moment of my weekends or evenings, or even vacations, doing renovations! 

Most DIYers take way more time than is necessary, and spend just as much as if they had hired someone in the first place. What is your time worth?

If you're ready to get your hands dirty and do demolition or drywall or tile, I wish you well! There's a ton of information on the internet to help you. Lots of YouTube videos and Facebook groups. Just be careful who you listen to! 

Make sure to follow your local codes and execute to the highest quality. 
Nothing diminishes a home's value like bad DIY work!

Hear What Our Students Are Saying ...

Kelly says ...
"It’s important to realize just how far your budget goes. Nancy taught me that once I set a budget I’m comfortable with, I need to sink my heels in and remain there. It’s a scary process making large (and small) changes to a home. It’s important to have a mentor to not only run ideas by, but to absorb knowledge and experience from.

On your own, most people don’t have the creativity and knowledge to understand what your home could actually become. Nancy’s program and online tools have helped us literally see the full potential of our home, and it has far surpassed my initial thoughts on what could actually be done. Without her help, I wouldn’t have come up with the plan on my own. There were many “wow” moments as the plan was created."

Devon says ...
"I inherited a house and couldn't see how it could possibly be different. Sorry Grandma, but I don't want it to look so old and tired. Nancy helped me to not only see the house in a totally new direction, but really got me thinking about what I wanted. I have a 5 year plan to make it perfect! My Grandmother will be proud."

Janet says ...
"I knew I bought a home at the higher end of the market and was really scared of putting more money into it. But it needed serious updating. Nancy and her program gave me the help I needed to figure out what I could spend and why. Took huge stress off my shoulders to know what to spend on what. I'm not really creative, so it's hard for me to see changes before they happen. But Nancy was able to help me with that too. I don't plan to live here forever so I need to be able to sell it and make money. Now I don't have to worry about that!"

Scott says ...
"When first speaking with Nancy, her years of hands on experience were clearly represented in the way she spoke and the questions she was asking us. Working with Nancy immediately became a clear route to get organized and actually accomplish goals with our recently purchased home. Stepping into the unknown world renovating an old home, I knew Nancy’s program would be essential.

As we worked with professionals that did work on our home, we were prepared with the right questions and knew what to focus on. Without that coming from Nancy’s help, our money would not have been put to use on such a strategic way. We likely would have spent more money and on the wrong things."

Everyone Loves Before & After Pictures ...
A Quick Look At Some Of Our Student's Projects
With your help, I'll be able to populate with some amazing photos ...
But for now, we use some of these as place holders! They were all done using the Your Renovation Map process, and are just one sample project inside larger renovations.
Honestly, I never thought I would do anything like this so never took the time to take pictures and get permission to use them! So huge apologies for that. I promise to do it moving forward. Especially with your help!
I've included some photos and floorplans to show you some of the changes student's have made to rooms, floors, houses. And of course exteriors are just as important as interiors! 
One of the things I want you to notice is not all changes need to be huge to make an impact. And sometimes, spending more isn't the right choice. You'll learn the difference with Your Renovation Map!
Introducing: Nancy Lawler
Founder & Creator of Your Renovation Map

My mission is to help first-time renovators learn what they need to know to successfully renovate their home. 

Who am I and How Can I help you? I've completed 40+ renovations as a homeowner, investor or advisor, making a profit on each, in all kinds of real estate and geographic markets. I know how to successfully renovate and I'm excited to teach you how to do the same.

Some of my business accomplishments that helped in developing these programs:
- Worked as an Ad Executive for several of the country’s largest home builders where I learned how and why they put together floorplan designs as they do, what added value to a home, how features were added to support pricing and how the construction process worked.
- The coolest job I had was SVP in Sports Marketing working on everything from the Olympics, to World Cups, to NCAA, to NASCAR, to PGA/SPGA golf tournaments, to the NBA, MLB and NFL. When you are managing multiple multi-million dollar relationships and events, all with thousands of moving parts, you get very good at building a plan and working a plan. Turned out to be invaluable when I started renovating!
- Worked as a designer/salesperson at a custom cabinet shop specializing in kitchens, bathrooms and offices. Learned a ton on how to improve function and flow to these incredibly important spaces in every home. As well as how to save some money!

- Certified CAPS (Certified Age In Place Specialist) from National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The aging population in this country is exploding and the design choices needed to help Seniors stay in their homes longer is different than a regular renovation. It can be seamless and beautiful design and handicapped accessible! If you’re over 50 and looking to renovate your forever home, this is something you need to learn more about.

Personal Experience that will HELP YOU:
- I have the ability to see a space not for what it is, but for what it can be. Ugly excites me because the transformation process is amazing. It took me a long time to realize not everyone could re-image spaces like I can!
- I've been hands on as a DIYer and have literally done everything I can physically accomplish on a jobsite. Doing the work made me quickly realize I wanted to hire the work done by professionals and be the planner, designer and manager instead.
- I learned adding value to a home through renovation is critical to increasing profits and length of time on market when selling.
- There's a big difference between my wish list and my pocketbook! Knowing how to match these two is critical not only for your financial future, but your happiness.

Let’s talk about some of the obstacles I’ve overcome which will help you:
- I started my renovation career as a single female with a very busy career that took me all over the globe for extended periods of time. Figuring out how to do a renovation while not being present 24/7 took some trial and error. But doing it all as a single female adds a whole 'other' level of obstacles I'll talk about at length.
- Getting contractors to take me seriously. Not hiring those who wanted to bully me to make the job easier for them while charging me more than they'd charge a man.
- I've learned enough about construction to know when contractors say ‘you can’t do that’ it usually means ‘I don’t want to do that’. The can’t/won’t conversation happens all the time! It's important to know the difference.
- Finding those professionals who understood it was my money and my decision on what would get done. And done well!
- Finding the right professionals willing to work within a structured plan that included good communication to make everyone successful. Good communication meant even if there were issues that came up, a solution was presented and decision made quickly so the project kept moving forward.

When you’re ready to learn how to successfully renovate your home ...
... you need someone you can count on to tell you the truth and help you avoid many of the expensive mistakes most homeowners make.  I can teach you what you need to plan your renovation, hire the right people, develop an amazing design plan, teach you ways to stay within your budget and manage it all like a seasoned veteran! And most importantly give you the confidence to finally get started on your home renovation ... NOW! 

Need Help In Just One Area Of Your Renovation
Check Out The Complete Line Of 
Renovation Planning E-Courses

At YOUR RENOVATION MAP, we have a full suite of products to help you be successful with your renovation. There are specific courses targeting: How to find CONTRACTORS, How to set your BUDGET and How to RE-IMAGINE your spaces
A quick product recap of our entire suite of products

How To Find, Vet, Hire And Manage Contractors

Introductory Pricing Offer! 
(Normally $997)

  • Complete e-course on CONTRACTORS!
  • ​Go at your own pace, eight module e-course 
  • Worksheets to guide you through the material
  • Module Topics Include: 
  • ​What Do You Need BEFORE You Reach Out To Contractors?
  • ​Where to Find Contractors
  • ​20 Interview Questions to Vet Contractors Explained
  • ​How To Request A Bid or Estimate
  • ​Important Contract Components
  • ​The Importance & Impact of Change Orders
  • ​AND MORE!
  • Bonus #1: Construction Glossaries For Newbies   E-Book
  • Bonus #2: 15 Things Your contractors Would Never Say, But Really Wants You To Know E-Guide
  • Bonus #3: 'Why Your Money Never Goes As Far As You Think' Webinar

How To NOT Run Out Of Money Before Your Renovation Is Through!

Introductory Pricing Offer! 
Normally $997

  • Complete e-course for everything BUDGET!
  • ​Go at your own pace, 10 module e-course 
  • Worksheets to guide you through the material
  • Module Topics Include: 
  • ​The #1 Secret To Minimize Budget Surprises During a Renovation
  • ​Important Date To Gather 
  • Budget Basics
  • ​Let’s Take Care Of Your Smart Money
  • Project Scope Development
  • ​How To Build A Proper Budget
  • ​The Importance & Impact of Change Orders
  • ​Home Appreciation Explained
  • ​Budget Tracking Recommendations
  • ​AND MORE!
  • Bonus #1: Learn How to Measure & Save Yourself Thousands! E-Guide
  • Bonus #2: What Is Your Home Worth Right Now? Master Class Training
  • Bonus #3: Your Mechanicals Can Be Budget Killers Swipe File

Good Design Is More Than Just Getting Rid Of The Ugly

Introductory Pricing Offer! 
Normally $1197

  • Complete e-course to help the design challenged with DESIGN!
  • ​Go at your own pace, seven module e-course 
  • Worksheets to guide you through the material
  • Module Topics Include: 
  • ​Definitions & Distinctions
  • ​What Changes To Make? 
  • ​Design Concepts Explained
  • ​Time To Develop Your Floorplans!
  • Planning Elements & Project Prioritization Strategies
  • ​Costs of Changes & Scope Creep
  • ​AND MORE!
  • Bonus #1: Private Facebook Group With Twice Monthly LIVE Design Support 
  • Bonus #2: The Critical Importance Of The Right Lighting In Your Home      E-Guide
  • Bonus #3: Curb Appeal & Why It Matters Master Class Training 


Introductory Pricing Offer! 
Normally $2597

  • E-Course to teach every faucet of building a complete renovation plan!
  • ​Go at your own pace, XX module e-course 
  • Worksheets to guide you through the material
  • ​Explains and shows how to put all the planning, construction, budget and design pieces together for your success
  • Module Topics Include: 
  • ​What's in a Renovation Plan and Why do I Need One?
  • The complete ​'How to Find, Vet, Hire And Manage Contractors' course  
  • The complete ​'How to NOT Run Out Of Money Before Your Renovation Is Through' course
  • The complete ​'Good Design Is More Than Getting Rid Of The Ugly' course
  • ​AND MORE!
  • Bonus Module: Full of reference materials, tips, tricks and advice, only found HERE, on how to make your renovation a HUGE success!
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